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Located in the heartland of America and with a divergent economic base, Omaha has seen its share of ups and downs.  But the bicycle shops Omaha boasts will also tell you that careful city planning has insured that over eighty miles of trails and paths are in the city to accommodate the cyclist, pedestrian or other human powered means of travel.  Omaha was originally just an offshoot of Council Bluffs in adjacent Iowa.  Speculators were attracted to Lone Tree Ferry and the Missouri River, but the early city’s centralized location in the growing United States meant that there was a lot of traffic as the people from the east ditched the crowded Atlantic cities to search for fortunes in the west.  In fact, one of the early nicknames for Omaha was The Gate City Of  The West, although Saint Louis has grabbed that title for themselves.

The First Transcontinental Railroad setup shop here, and with it came floods of immigrants.  This was the foundation of the city’s economy as the time.  Massive warehouse s filled with equipment for the seekers of riches were established, and the city grew at a fast pace outstripping its infrastructure.  A historically knowledgeable employee in the bicycle shops Omaha permits will know that today’s tree lined streets are a far cry from the jumbled mess of roadways prior to 1880.  In that year, the current street system was created and the original designers took great pains to integrate the streets with the par system.  Trees and sufficiently wide boulevards make riding a pleasure and satisfy the soul and are even historically relevant such as the Burlington Station.  Worth a ride there atop your ten speed for certain!

The railways also led the city to develop four of the five largest meat packing districts in the country.  Situated as it is in the heart of America and with several states nearby that had ample room for the grazing of cattle and other livestock, it was only logical that the feedstock and the railroads would collide in Omaha.

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