The fire that starts my story, the story that starts your show…

Hello world! I’m Hans Otten, otherwise known as Magic Hanz, and I was born to perform. The purpose of this site is to entertain you, to challenge you, and to inspire you. It will also provide you with a source of inspiration and a wealth of knowledge to assist you in achieving your dreams. You see, I believe I was put on this earth to help humanity by changing the world one moment at a time. I believe that my life is such an amazing story, that sharing it with you will help give you insights into your own life.  Let’s begin that process now.

Basically, there are three steps:

(1) You’ll first get an overview of the story of my life including all its chapters.

(2) At your leisure, you can choose to learn lessons from the chapters within my life.

(3) You’ll gain a better understanding of who you are as a person and how your experiences in life, both good and bad, can be used to strengthen your sense of purpose and direction in life.

All throughout this process, I will be talking about the difficult and elusive art of reaching your potential. It’s a target that may continually move as you mature and grow in life.  The first step is identifying your core beliefs and how the fabric of your being has been weaved.  How are you constructed?  Where do you want to go?  What steps do you need to take to walk your unique, golden path of righteousness?  These questions will be answered and I will show you some tools to help you break from the box that life has put you in, and thereby enabling you to reveal the person that you can show the world.

We will examine the following topics within my life:

  • Magic & Magnetism
  • Hypnotic Healing
  • Running & Racing
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Locksmithing
  • Escape (Handcuffs, Straitjackets, Chains, & Boxes)
  • Performance Art
  • The Beauty of Calculus
  • Social Dynamics
  • Time Management
  • Mathematic Poetry of Everyday Life
  • Making an Impact on the World
  • The Bipolarity of the Universe

…and many more…

Stay tuned!!! This site is in its infantile stages of development.  Please be patient.  And be prepared for your mind to be blown into a completely different direction.  After you’ve heard and seen my story, before you realize what has happened, you will have discovered why you too can say to yourself, “Im so magical.”


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