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Honorable Mention

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I just attended the Amateur Photography Contest at the Burbank Library and I won an Honorable Mention in the live color animals category. I was super excited! This was the first contest I’ve ever entered. When the picture of Edie and Ollie came up, the audience said “awww” all at once. I went by myself! Tim could not make it. I almost asked my friend Judy, but I didn’t know how it would be and I hated to take up her Thursday night. The contest has a lot of categories for kids and that made it extra fun.


From the White House Blog

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P020610PS-0187, originally uploaded by The White House.

Isn’t this picture amazing? I have the White House as a friend so I see all the pictures they post. This one was very pretty. I believe they are going to get 2 more feet of snow!

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Stealing from Joe and Monique

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MoniShanaTimJoe MidTimes09, originally uploaded by Mpopp.

Joe took this photo when we went to the Medieval Times. I really like it and had to share!

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