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Albendazole is used for treating certain tapeworm infections.

Other names for this medication:

Actifuge, Adazol, Alba, Albamax, Alben, Albenda, Albendakem, Albendanova, Albendazolum, Albendol, Albenil, Albensure, Albentel, Albenzol, Albex, Albezol, Albezole, Albicar, Aldex, Aldin, Alentin, Alin, Allverm, Almex, Alminth, Alphin, Alzed, Alzental, Analon galeno, Andazol, Anzol, Apzol, Arrest, Ascarol, Asen, Asiben, Azole, Ben-a, Bendex-400, Benzole, Bevindazol, Bilutac, Bimenal, Borotel, Bovamax, Bruzol, Ceprazol, Ceva albendazole, Ceva leval, Chuben, Ciclopar, Closal, Colleague, Combantrin, Combi, Concentrat, Dalben, Digezanol, Disthelm, Duador, Duell, Eben, Elmin, Emanthal, Endospec, Enmed, Eskazole, Estazol, Ethizol, Extender, Fintel, First drench, Gardal, Getzol, Helal, Helben, Infesen, Italbenzol, Iumizol, Kosozole, Krimizole, Leviben, Luban, Mdb maxicare, Mebel, Monoben, Monodox, Nematox, Nemazole, Nemozole, Nubend, Optamax, Ovis, Ovispec, Parasin, Prodose, Q drench, Rarpemax, Ricobendazole, Rotate, Rumifuge, Rycoben, Sintel, Sinvermin, Sostril, Strategik, Taron, Tazep, Tramazole, Unizol, Valbantel, Valbazen, Valben, Vastus, Vendazol, Vermid, Vermigen, Vermin, Vermin-plus, Vermitan, Vermoil, Veteol, Womiban, Wormadole, Xadem, Xenda, Zela, Zentel, Zentrax, Zestaval, Zoben, ZolbenShow all