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Transformations hypnosis

When nothing else worked:

“I have tried counseling one on one, group therapy, everything and nothing has worked until now!  I feel like a new person.”

                  – Quote from a client trying to break free from making poor decisions while dating

Conquer fears and increase self confidence:

“I have been terrified to sing in front of people all my life.  I just caught myself singing at the top of my lungs on the back porch just because I could…”  

                  – Message received from client a day after hypnosis.  Hypnosis was done for fear, stress and confidence.

Relax in a mentally and physically relaxed state:

“This is the most relaxed I have been in years.  I have never been able to just ‘shut my brain off'”

                   – Stated from a client about their experience during hypnosis.

Go home in a naturally relaxed state, free of pain after hypnosis:

“When my wife came home, it was like a new person.  She started to sing.  I have not heard her sing in over 10 years.”

                    – Client coming in for chronic pain management

Look at life in a different view:

I should have done hypnotherapy years ago!  My mood is phenomenal and the same things that had me at my breaking point before just don’t affect me.  This kind of freedom is something I have never had.  I appreciate everything you have done for me.

                    – Client coming in for making the wrong choices in dating

Notice change even after one session:

After one appointment with Jean regarding stress and teeth grinding/jaw clenching I noticed tremendous change. Both mornings since my hypnosis, I’ve awoken to no jaw pain from stressful grinding. Thanks Jean!!

                    – Client coming in for Bruxism/Teeth Grinding – after last check in, she still has not grinded her teeth in over a month!

I slept through the night!!!!! I woke up once & got a drink…maybe tossed a little, but for the VERY first time without Ambien, I SLEPT!!!! This is gonna be an awesome day!

                    – Client being seen for insomnia

Helping with the transition to your new life:

” Hypnosis made the transition easier for me.  I have tried before unsuccessfully, cold turkey, with Nicorette but with hypnosis, I didn’t have that ‘Oh my god, what have I done’ feeling.”

                    – Client who stopped smoking with hypnosis

Why you should buy cheap tramadol

If you suffer from a painful condition that requires treatment, your doctor might prescribe a number of different medications depending on your specific condition. When you suffer from something like Fibromyalgia, which is characterized by severe pain and nerve pain, Tramadol might be prescribed. In these difficult financial times, buying medication can be a costly endeavor. Finding a way to buy cheap Tramadol might be the only way you can afford to get the treatment you desperately need. When it comes to taking any medication, there are many things to consider and communicate with your doctor about.
There are a number of conditions that may put you at higher risk of adverse reactions when you’ve been prescribed this medication. You should communicate with your doctor if you have a history of brain tumors, depression, drug abuse, head injury, liver disease, seizures, lung disease, suicidal thoughts, or kidney disease. These conditions can put you at risk for major complications. You could be at risk for overdosing or other reactions if you don’t inform your doctor of all health problems before you start taking any medication. You should also be sure to let them know about any other medicines, herbs, or supplements you take.
Once it’s been determined that this is the right way to treat your condition, you should do your best to find a way to buy cheap Tramadol to save money. Being careful when taking it and staying aware of any interactions will help you stay healthy and enjoy the benefits of this effective drug. You should be aware that it could react poorly with antidepressants, antihistamines, benzodiazepines, or alcohol. Being aware of the interactions will help you avoid an interaction that can result in overdose or even death.
When you’re faced with the difficulty of a chronic pain condition, there are few medications that can give you real relief. If your doctor finds that Tramadol can help, you might want to find a way to buy cheap Tramadol to keep costs down. With many benefits and ways to take care of the pain, you can find a way to live with the pain thanks to this effective pain reliever. Staying under a doctor’s care is the best way to avoid adverse reactions when taking any drug, especially when it comes to drugs with addictive properties. It’s easy to find the relief you need if you follow your doctor’s advice.

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Missing onions… | the third place

Missing Onions…

Posted on 29 March 2010 by Kevin

I was reading in Numbers yesterday when I came across this passage:

Numbers 11|4-6“The rabble with them began to crave other food, and again the Israelites started wailing and said, ‘If only we had meat to eat! We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost—also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. But now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna!’”

Ahhhh! Doesn’t it seem like the entire nation of Israel is just a bunch of whiners sometimes? Seriously, here they are being blessed by manna miraculously everyday. Here they are freed from the bondage and the slavery of the Egyptians. Here they are not under the pagan rule of a Pharaoh, but being lead by God himself. And it’s here that they are en-route to the Promise Land, the land of milk and honey, and yet…

…what are they missing…

…what are they murmuring about…

…onions? Really?

And while there are many times we see the Israelites in this light, like they are impossible people, with thick skulls who totally take for granted that God is in their presences, working in amazing ways. I think we can see ourselves. Can’t we?

What’s amazing about these stories of the bible is not just that they happened, but that they happen. We still take for granted that God is in our presence, working in amazing ways. We still can be stubborn and not get it. We must seem like impossible people and yet God continues to love us and pursue us.

How many times do we focus on the negative and hardships of our life and miss the big picture of what God is doing in us?

How many times do we miss the onions of our slavery and completely take for granted the grace of God that is with us no matter what we face?

God help us to see ourselves in the frustrating story of you trying to redeem us and us resisting it. God forgive us for being so impossible, so stubborn and so hard to love at times. And thank you that when we choose to focus on you and not the circumstances of our life that you are faithful!

Organic garden salad with roasted fig

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I just picked up my first box of fresh, organic, produce from a co-op! I heard about Abundant Harvest Organics from a friend of mine. She said lot of the local moms use this company. A word of wisdom, when many … Continue reading

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Easy Chicken (or beef) Enchiladas

I found this great recipe for Enchiladas! Since I already had fresh homemade creme fraiche on hand I decided to make them this week! It was a huge success! My 5 year old was asking for more! Ingredients: 12 corn … Continue reading

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Homemade Creme Fraiche

Making creme fraiche is so simple you will never want to go buy it in the store again! I am so impressed with this recipe! The creme fraiche has such an amazing flavor! In our home it has been added … Continue reading

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Kale Soup with Sausage

I love soup, no matter the weather. I love it even more when I know it is healthy for my family. This soup is a keeper! This recipe came from Riddlelove. I love this blog and everything that it stands … Continue reading

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August to August Challenge

Hi. I know it’s been a long time since I have written regarding my journey to health and lifestyle change. I feel like things have been a bit stagnant. I have had little motivation to do much of anything (maybe … Continue reading

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An Epic Star Wars Birthday

My Little man turned 5 this June. I can hardly believe my baby is now 5. He wished and dreamed of a Star Wars Party! He is still talking about this party and how much fun he had! It was … Continue reading

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How I did a healthy Mermaid & Pirate Party

I love putting together themed birthday parties. Every year we have our kids pick out their theme and I run with it from there (with their help here and there).  My daughter, who turned 7, picked the theme Pirates and … Continue reading

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No Bake Oatmeal Cookies….the Healthy version!

Oh, the traditional “No bake oatmeal cookies” in all of their gooey-goodness! I remember making them with my mom. Eating the “batter” was my favorite part; it didn’t change when my made this healthier version. Yum.  I am so thankful … Continue reading

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Welcome to butterflies at large

Sacred Space

All of us have a Sacred Space within. Our Sacred Space is accessed through our solar plexis, giving us a direct connection to Source or God.

Sacred Space is our place of inner peace and knowing. It is important we activate our solar plexis so that we know that we are part of the divine. When we activate our solar plexis (known as our matrix), it assists us to directly communicate with God. We can then live our life from the wisdom of our Sacred Space.

Suggested use: See elixir. Follow the directions on each bottle. To learn more about each essence go to the products page and read “tell me more”. Begin with the essence “Matrix”, then “Sacred Space” and follow with “God Within”, “Vibrational Clarity” will greatly assist with your growth.

You will have done major cleansing work in your life to work with these essences. You will have first cleared issues such as “Forgiveness”, “Self Love”, “Appreciation”, “Balance”, “Clarity”, “Compassion”, then moved to a higher level with “Awaken”, “Becoming All I Can Be”, “Higher Consciousness”, “Life Force”, and “Wisdom”.

Your deeper awareness of life will expand greatly with this work. It is a good idea to maintain a journal so you have reference to the finer nuances of experiences. Then when you care to assist others to move on in their life experiences you will have material to refer to.

Blessings on all you are doing!



Yes, this is a Hawaiian company, and we want to thank the thousands of customers from all over the world. It is wonderful to see how many of you have joined us in being prepared in case of someone is having a heart attack. We feel that the cost of our product is fair and when you think about it, for the cost of one dinner, yes for the cost of just one dinner; you will be able to save a life! How cool is that?

Either the Pendants or the Key chains, let’s take the M style Key chain, if you have it for 4 years the cost would be 2 cents a day,  2 CENTS a day to save a life? Wow that will be the best investment you make in your lifetime…………………

Here is something else to think about, wherever you are, morning, noon or night, skiing, diving, hiking, at the ball park, at the racetrack, or at the mall, you may just be able to say: Wow, I Saved a Life. It could be your own, a beloved family member, like your parent, uncle or aunty, your child, a friend or even a total stranger……………….

Please look at this website, especially go to the Warning Signs, print them out and remember them. Do not think for one moment a Heart Attack is what you see on TV.

 Please remember: A heart Attack does not respect either Gender or Age and it can happened anywhere or anytime ………………………..PLEASE BE PREPARED……………….Regardless of your choice, if it is a key chain, you most likely will be where your keys are, if is a pendant it will be where ever you are and you will be amazed how many compliments you will get and people will ask you where did you get that, I want one, or I want one for all in my family, or as we heard: Everyone should have one………… And so on and so on………….

Enough for now, but here is one more good news. We will soon introduce our newest collection


Aloha and Thank You for reading this ……………….See you soon


::::: somans leisure | experience… beyound… :::::

                                  Dubai  06days

Dep      26 Dec ,  29 Dec ,19 Jan, 26 Jan, 02 Feb
From   Cochin/Trivandrum

                Main Attractions

          See the picturesque Jumeriah
          Pass by the Madinath Jumeriah
                        The Palm Island
                         Dubai Creek

         Experience the Dancing  Fountain

        Experience the Thrilling Desert Safari
       Experience the Fabulous Abudhabi City
    Enjoy the barbeque dinner in the desert & Belly dance

   Free time for the wonderful shopping experience

Visit the Global Village –  The  famous Shopping Festival Area

Stop at the Burj Al Arab for Photos

The fascinating dinner Cruise in Marina

Visit the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Emirates Mall shopping extravaganza