Sacred Space

All of us have a Sacred Space within. Our Sacred Space is accessed through our solar plexis, giving us a direct connection to Source or God.

Sacred Space is our place of inner peace and knowing. It is important we activate our solar plexis so that we know that we are part of the divine. When we activate our solar plexis (known as our matrix), it assists us to directly communicate with God. We can then live our life from the wisdom of our Sacred Space.

Suggested use: See elixir. Follow the directions on each bottle. To learn more about each essence go to the products page and read “tell me more”. Begin with the essence “Matrix”, then “Sacred Space” and follow with “God Within”, “Vibrational Clarity” will greatly assist with your growth.

You will have done major cleansing work in your life to work with these essences. You will have first cleared issues such as “Forgiveness”, “Self Love”, “Appreciation”, “Balance”, “Clarity”, “Compassion”, then moved to a higher level with “Awaken”, “Becoming All I Can Be”, “Higher Consciousness”, “Life Force”, and “Wisdom”.

Your deeper awareness of life will expand greatly with this work. It is a good idea to maintain a journal so you have reference to the finer nuances of experiences. Then when you care to assist others to move on in their life experiences you will have material to refer to.

Blessings on all you are doing!