When nothing else worked:

“I have tried counseling one on one, group therapy, everything and nothing has worked until now!  I feel like a new person.”

                  – Quote from a client trying to break free from making poor decisions while dating

Conquer fears and increase self confidence:

“I have been terrified to sing in front of people all my life.  I just caught myself singing at the top of my lungs on the back porch just because I could…”  

                  – Message received from client a day after hypnosis.  Hypnosis was done for fear, stress and confidence.

Relax in a mentally and physically relaxed state:

“This is the most relaxed I have been in years.  I have never been able to just ‘shut my brain off'”

                   – Stated from a client about their experience during hypnosis.

Go home in a naturally relaxed state, free of pain after hypnosis:

“When my wife came home, it was like a new person.  She started to sing.  I have not heard her sing in over 10 years.”

                    – Client coming in for chronic pain management

Look at life in a different view:

I should have done hypnotherapy years ago!  My mood is phenomenal and the same things that had me at my breaking point before just don’t affect me.  This kind of freedom is something I have never had.  I appreciate everything you have done for me.

                    – Client coming in for making the wrong choices in dating

Notice change even after one session:

After one appointment with Jean regarding stress and teeth grinding/jaw clenching I noticed tremendous change. Both mornings since my hypnosis, I’ve awoken to no jaw pain from stressful grinding. Thanks Jean!!

                    – Client coming in for Bruxism/Teeth Grinding – after last check in, she still has not grinded her teeth in over a month!

I slept through the night!!!!! I woke up once & got a drink…maybe tossed a little, but for the VERY first time without Ambien, I SLEPT!!!! This is gonna be an awesome day!

                    – Client being seen for insomnia

Helping with the transition to your new life:

” Hypnosis made the transition easier for me.  I have tried before unsuccessfully, cold turkey, with Nicorette but with hypnosis, I didn’t have that ‘Oh my god, what have I done’ feeling.”

                    – Client who stopped smoking with hypnosis