Generally, the normal people may lose 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. This amount of hair loss cannot cause the hair is thinning or balding. Just imagine, we have more over 100.000 strands of hair in our scalp. So, lose 50 or 100 strand of hair is not a big problem.
But, when the strands of hair may begin loss in a big amount, it is the worst problem. Before we treat this problem, it is better for us to know and understand about the causes of hair lost. The listed below may help you to more understand about some causes of hair loss. Let’s check this out!

Hereditary condition called female – pattern baldness or male – pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss. Permanent hair loss in genetically susceptible people is caused from certain sex hormones. The type of hair thinning in most common men may begin as early as puberty. Hormonal imbalances and changes when the onset of menopause, discontinuation of birth control, pregnancy or childbirth may also cause temporary hair loss in most common women. Stress may also affect the hormones in human body, which can trigger hair loss. Drugs and alcohols can also affect hormones in some people.

Hair loss can also due to a variety of medical conditions, include:
– Scalp infections. Ringworm is the commonly infections in human scalp, which can invade the skin and hair of your scalp. This condition can lead to hair loss problem. Fortunately, the hair will grow back when the infections in scalp are treated.
– Alopecia areata. When the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles, Alopecia areata will occur. Rounding patches of hair loss can due to this disease.
– Thyroid problem. Hormone levels in your body are regulated with the help of the thyroid gland. Hair loss may result when the thyroid gland cannot work properly.
– Other skin disorders. Some types of lupus and lichen planus may cause scare on the scalp. Where the scars occur, the result is permanent hair loss.

Some drugs to treat some disease can also cause hair loss, include:
– High blood pressure
– Depression
– Cancer
– Heart problems, and
– Arthritis

Many people claim, after an emotional or physical shock, they have experience a general thinning of hair in several months. Besides can cause hair loss, and emotional or physical shock can cause excessive or sudden weight loss and high fever. Moreover, an emotional or physical shock can cause a death in the family if this condition is not treated promptly.
Cornrows or pigtails are the common hairstyles that can cause hair loss. That is because the hair is pulled tightly and can cause traction hair loss. Use a hairstyle product such as curling iron, straight iron and hot rollers can trigger hair to damage. When hair is damaged, it can easily fragile and loss.