If we glance at the lives of our ancestors, we will find that we really have evolved and developed a lot. Advancements have left their own benchmark in various fields. Life span of people has increased. Today we have the potential that we can easily fight out various dangerous diseases. But, still, unfortunately no reliable cure has been come into existence for the life threatening disease: cancer.

Cancer in children is spreading at a tremendous rate. According to an approximation, there are more than 20,000 children who are under the age of 20 and are each year diagnosed of cancer. Researchers at nationwide children’s hospital have found out that children face the anxiety and stress after being diagnosed of cancer much easily as compared to their parents or elders.

Cancer marks its presence in cells. Cells are known as the building blocks of the body. There is a cycle that goes within our body. Cells have a definite life span. They die after their specific life time and give the way to new cells. But, presence of cancer just disturbs the whole cycle. Cells don’t die after their life time, new cells start forming even when our body doesn’t need them.

There are not many differences between the cancer in adults and in children. Cancer can affect the same parts of body as in adults. Only difference is the symptoms that mark the presence of cancer in children. Children suffering from cancer do not show any noticeable symptoms and also have high rate of cure. Leukemia is the most common cancer from which children usually suffer. However, children sometimes are also diagnosed of lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma and brain tumors.

Parents just feel pathetic and it’s natural when their child is diagnosed of cancer. But, you need to support your child instead of harassing him. If parents will show their grief and concern towards their child too much, child will not be able to fight with this dangerous disease. You need to build self confidence in your child so that he can cope up better with the disease.

You should fix meeting with your doctor to improve the condition. Proper treatment should be given without any delay. This is obvious, that you will just be able to increase the survival period and nothing more can be achieved in this disease except in the rarest cases. You are required to be patient and trust on doctor.