Initial investigations have been conducted to identify a connection between hair loss in males and prostate cancer. The outcomes recommend that men with denuded heads who went through biopsies of the prostate gland were highly likely to test positive in contrast to those who have a head that has an abundance of hair.

The investigation was performed by researchers at the University of Toronto on 214 males. But according to Dr. Anuj Agarwala, who is an oncologist at the Community Health Network, he seeks to argue this claim pointing out that the quantity of study participants included is merely a negligible or an unsubstantial number.

He further continued that irrespective of the quantity of hair that a man has on his head, he should always consult with his doctor about routine prostate evaluation soon after he turns 40 to promptly detect any prostate cancer.

Prostate tumors is just one of the top causes of fatality in men. There are a variety of variables that triggers this certain malignancy, and this consists of, genetic makeup, contaminants introduced by environmental elements, certain chemical substance, aging, and hormones.

It can advance without presenting any physical symptoms up to a point when it can develop into something too advanced to handle. That is why routine diagnostic tests are essential.

In this degree where does the relationship linking hair loss and prostate cancer enter the picture?

As discussed early on, one reason that led to prostate cancer are hormonal in nature. And those specific hormones are testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone). They are produced by the testicles, and sadly these two can also encourage cancer cell proliferation in the prostate gland. It is that walnut sized organ which is in close proximity to the seat of the bladder.

To regulate the increased secretion of these hormones, specialists created hormone therapy which is intended to control the quantities of testosterone and DHT in the system.

If you examine male pattern baldness, you might express that the root causes seem familiar. In this specific condition the hormone that is particularly aggressive in denuding your head of hair is DHT. When it gets to your scalp, it triggers the hair follicles to thin, dwindle, afterwards shed off in severe quantities.

So you now realize the reason why the studies were conducted, and what it proposes regarding the danger of bald males to prostate cancer.

Nevertheless, Agarwala asserts that the chance of acquiring this problem is still prevalent for men who are aging. To put it simply, information is not yet substantial enough to verify that if you encounter hair loss, you are more susceptible to develop prostate cancer.

Only your specialist can thoroughly establish the root causes and review what variables are inciting the malignancy.

Dr. Stephen Ruthven, the president of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, suggests that PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) together with a physical exam is a reliable method to establish prostate cancer.

Certainly , there is no need to stress balding men needlessly, but alternatively highlight the value of routine Prostate self examination for them to keep track of any abnormalities. And this is true for those who possess and do not have hair.

Most of prostate cancer patients may likely be hair loss victims however it doesn’t necessarily prove any direct association between the two, until added studies.