Now we could see the changing state on giving the importance of women’s health, in the medical industry, for them it has been a cause to worry. Because every women has so much of role to play in daily living that she herself forgets to give vitality to her health. Each year approximately 10 million women suffer from life threatening complications during pregnancy and child birth. The gynecologist Singapore and also throughout the world are trying to over come the myths and irresponsibility encompassing the women’s health. The national rate of death for women with cervical cancer is 2.4% and the breast cancer is 24%. With so many issues to concern it becomes significant for the women to go for the regular health check up whether she is regularly sexually active or not. There come the various circumstances when you should consult the gynaecologist Singapore:

* When you get the first period
* You become sexually active
* Or you don’t get period by age of 16 or 17
* Or you experience abnormal bleeding, discharge, odors, or other things that you don’t consider normal

When the gynaecologist Singapore test you has responsibility and provision of comprehensive and highly specialized antenatal and prenatal care by our multidisciplinary team which includes a maternal fetal specialist, neonatologist, pediatrician and anesthetists.

Visiting a gynaecologist should be the part of every day life for women, there are many women who herself think that it is a waste of time visiting the women clinic and some hesitate or shy away to visit them because it is very difficult to address them their problem. Trust me there is nothing to worry about when you become particular about the complications you are facing, because the gynaecologist are quite privy to your intimate facets of your sexuality and body. It is most important to notice whether the gynaecologist that you visit is friendly and responsive or not. Is the doctor gentle during her check up and does she seems to care about your comfort? The gynaecologist will help you understand the body the much better and how you should adopt the measures to care for it. If you want to get rid of the problems then first allow the doctor to find the problems so that they can be treated and stopped from getting worse.

First you should perceive what is happening normal to your body and notice the changes like signs of vaginal infections and learn how to have safe and protected sex. You can learn the signs of problem and go for the test like the sexually transmitted disease to make sure you and your partner are healthy. The women should visit the gynae and it is a must to go for the annual pelvic exam to check of any kind of infections. The gynae themselves says that cervical cancer is in high rise in such a rate that most of the women are diagnosed with his disease at an advanced stage. Thus it becomes equally important to have the pap smear test to remain in the safer side. The rule of thumb says that start visiting the gynae from the age of eighteen regardless of sexual activity.