Belly fat can be quite troublesome for women, you get it even before you realize it has come, but getting rid of it takes special attention and care. And as it wants effort and time, most women put it on the back burner, or distribute themselves a ‘tomorrow’ to start a strict regime to lose belly fat. Alas! That tomorrow never comes!

Weight gain around the abdomen might be for a number reasons ; heredity, pregnancy, menopause, age, bad diet habits or an inactive lifestyle . No matter what the reason for the bulge, excess belly fat increases the risk of cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, breast cancer, gallbladder diseases, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and stress to the bones. Belly fat has a tendency to be more harmful because it is not just a fat deposit that one can see and feel, but the abdominal fat that gets deposited deeper within the stomach, and tends to surround the abdominal organs. There are few ways to reduce belly fat in girls that will guarantee a good body weight and reduce belly fat efficiently.

Most ladies, working or not, have a tendency to ignore themselves in the rush of the day. When this becomes a habit, and the body can’t handle the strain of not getting important nutrient elements, it goes haywire. And as ready-to-eat snacks are so easily available, we just start replacing good healthful meals for these easy solution meals. So the first thing that must be done is to clear the refrigerator and food cupboards of all processed food, and replace it with fresh veg, fruits and white meat.

Never skip breakfast, or any other meal. To reduce belly fat eat small meals five to 6 times in the day. Whole grains and cereals should be consumed constantly. One does not have to give up on milk and milk products, just eat skimmed low fat milk based food items. Every time you get an urge to break, reach out for the fruit or some yogurt. Not merely will it provide nutrition to the body, but it’ll satisfy hunger cravings.

Drink plenty of water and fresh juice to lose pounds. Bake, grill, steam and broil food instead of frying. Use low fat cooking medium like olive oil, which is chock-full of nutritive price. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit salads, minus the heavy salad dressings. Foods to reduce belly fat in women are the ones that have less fats and calories.